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Cultographies: Submission Guidelines

Cult cinema thrives on debates. We always love to hear new ideas and we welcome proposals. Take a look at the 111 films we think are cult films, and at our Cult Film Definition, and if you really want a peek into our editors’ minds then you can observe their own top-25 cult favourites.

Feel free to concur.
Feel free to disagree.

Before contacting us, please take a look at our aims and submission guidelines:

Because of the overwhelming response we have had Cultographies is currently not accepting new submissions until March 2010.


Despite its emergence as one of the most popular and debated areas of cinema, there remains little systematic discussion of cult movies available. Cultographies aims to fill that gap by aiming to be the first book series focused on cult films.

The series will publish work from acknowledged writers, critics and scholars, who helped create the interest in cult cinema, as well as provide a platform for new writers to offer cutting-edge discussions of cult movies. The series not only presents an overview of recognised cult cinema, it also re-assesses the canon of cult, and its audience.

Throughout the series the following questions are central:


wallflower pressThe series is published by Wallflower Press (London, UK – distributed in the US through Columbia University Press).


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